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Facial recognition is evolving the way you manage your pedestrian entrance control.

All schools must adopt an open and transparent security policy to ensure that staff and pupils are able to work and learn in a safe and secure environment.

School security is ever changing and needs to be kept under constant review, with vulnerable areas identified and remedial actions implemented to address them.

No two schools are identical, and the design of the buildings and the layout of the site will differ from school to school.

There are many new products on the market for tracking, screeching and more secure entrance control. We can not list everything on this site so please click before for more information.

Thermal Image Body Evolve Wrist Temperature and face detection




Thermal Inage Body

Thermal 360

Facial Recognition Thermal Image

Face + Screening Education Facilities

Evolve has produced this page to help inform, school leaders, governing boards, and local authorities about some of the latest thermal screening, face recognition with temperature and security products.


Face temperature devises are not intended to diagnose or monitor any medical condition or illness. These products are supplied as a first-line defence for organisations that wish to identify and check people entering their buildings. It is down to the organisation to determine how that information is used, and the appropriate reaction to take.